Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Knitted fish...

First, it's been a long time. Here is a tulip from my window box, which is finally weedfree, to make you feel springlike.

I knitted some fish for Samuel, the penguin who lives with Foggyknitter from BB. For those who want, here is the pattern - I have yet to add it to Rav, but can if people feel the need.

What else would a knitted or crochet penguin eat - a knitted fish!

Use any yarn of your choice and a needle a good few sizes below the recommended size. This is Artesano Alpaca DK on 2.5mm needles.

1: knit to end
2: ssk k3 k2tog
3: ssk k1 k2tog
4: knit to end
5: knit to end
6: kfb k1 kfb
7: knit to end
8: kfb k3 kfb
9: knit to end
10: kfb k5 kfb
11-12: knit to end
13: ssk k5 k2tog
14: knit to end
15: ssk k3 k2tog
16: knit to end
17: ssk k1 k2tog
18: knit to end
19: sl1 k2tog psso

Pull through thread and sew in ends. Add beads for eyes.

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